(Studi Kasus : Yayasan Sakira Kota Semarang)

  • Andi Kurniawati Akademi Akuntansi Effendi Harahap


Most people in productive age are more likely to be job seekers / job seekers rather than choosing to be a job creator. Possible cause of this arises becauseĀ  learning system applied in educational and tertiary environment is not preparing graduates to be HR who are ready to create jobs but is more focused on how to prepare human resources (HR) who quickly graduate and immediately get a job. In addition, entrepreneurial activity (entrepreneurial activity) is relatively still at a fairly low level. Entrepreneurial Activity has the meaning of individuals who are active in starting a new business and are classified in the active working population. The comparison is the higher the Entrepreneurial Activity index, the higher the Entrepreneurship Level in that country.

Entrepreneurship training for employees is a very important part and must be carried out in order to increase entrepreneurship activities. Employees as an important element in a company are very important in the economic progress of the country. Entrepreneurial Level Level of a country will determine the level of public welfare. Equipping companies with an entrepreneurial spirit will assist the government in creating new jobs (Job Creators) which will ultimately increase the acquisition rate and increase the acquisition rate in each country.


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Apr 27, 2020
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