• Hestin Mutmainah
  • Arif Nugroho Rachman
  • Budi Istiyanto


The phenomenon of people with disabilities who are underestimated in the economic sector with not many jobs is a concern for the government as well as the international world. This issue must have a solution. Ibu Sonirah made emping mlinjo, assisted by 2 of her disabled children. Mrs. Sonirah as the owner of UMKM with disabled children produces mlinjo emping products.

The production process is still using traditional equipment (stone), Sonirah's mother maximizes the ability of her daughter who is disabled in doing the production process. Every day this MSME is only able to produce 5 kg raw mlinjo chips from 10 kg raw material. Emping mlinjo is packed with plastic packaging and improperly packaged. Traders buy products at the price of Rp.42,000, while collectors can sell up to Rp.45,000 up to Rp. 55,000. The resulting product is still only 1 flavor, so it has not been able to meet the demand for flavor variants the market wants.

The problem of MSMEs is the ineffective means of production, because they still use stones, also related to pacakaging is less marketable and marketing cannot be extensive because it is still limited to collectors. A large market share cannot be reached yet. Making products with variants of taste will be given the knowledge and practice to make them.

The solution made in the program of service activities is by making mlinjo seed peeling machine production tools, printing chips, packaging that is more marketable, and making online marketing media. The result of the activity program is that productivity can increase 3 times and a wider market share due to wider marketing using social media and online.


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Dec 1, 2019
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