Publication Ethics

Ethics of Scientific Publications Journal of Management Science and Applied Accounting

The Journal of Applied Management and Accounting Science (JIMAT) is published by the Totalwin College of Economics and was first published in April 2010. This journal discusses problems in the economic field, in the form of empirical research results and the concept of selecting scientific reviews which include accounting, management , capital markets, business law, taxation, information systems entrepreneurship and other fields of economics and finance. JIMAT is published twice a year, namely every May and November

This scientific code of ethics statement is a statement of the code of ethics of all parties involved in the publication process of the JIMAT scientific journal, namely the manager, editor, bestari partners and authors. Ethics in publication here is an ethical assessment in publication which includes the following matters:

Justice, namely giving writers the freedom to write articles that will be published. Articles constitute the author's intellectual content without regard to race, gender, religious beliefs, ethnicity, nationality, or political views of the authors.

Neutrality, namely that in carrying out publications there is no conflict of interest between the author and the editor. Authors who submit articles have the right to freedom of results and can use them for sustainable scientific development.

Honesty, that is, the author must present an accurate article based on original research results or an original thought concept with a clear purpose and meaning. Authors must present results honestly and without falsification or manipulation of data. Articles use reliable, original and plagiarism-free reference data.

Writer's Duties

  1. Writers in presenting research articles or ideas are presented clearly, honestly and free of plagiarism.
  2. The original author must present an accurate article of the work he conducted as well as an objective and significant discussion of the results of his research. Data are free from manipulation and are accurately attached to the manuscript. Reporting fraud or intentionally providing inaccurate information is unethical and unacceptable behavior.
  3. The author must indicate references to the opinions and works of other people which are quoted and arranged in a reference list.
  4. The author is responsible for the confirmation submitted for the article that has been written
  5. Authors must write articles ethically, honestly and responsibly, in accordance with applicable scientific writing regulations.
  6. The author writes in accordance with article writing standards and is willing to undergo editing without changing the substance of the content.

Editor's Duties

  1. Editors are responsible for quotations and references for articles they review after receiving suggestions or input from Bestari partners.
  2. The editor is responsible for correcting revision suggestions from bestari partners that have been implemented
  3. The editor is responsible for correcting the article regarding whether it complies with JIMAT journal policies.

Duties of Publishers

  1. JIMAT publishers are responsible for publishing manuscripts that, after going through the editing process, are in accordance with JIMAT publishing rules.
  2. Publisher JIMAT is responsible for guaranteeing academic freedom for editors and bestari partners in carrying out their respective duties.
  3. Publisher JIMAT is responsible for maintaining privacy and editorial independence.

Duties of Bestari Partners

  1. Bestari partners assist editors in making editorial decisions regarding articles to be displayed in JIMAT
  2. Reviewing articles is carried out blindly and objectively and is supported by clear arguments.
  3. Bestari partners must always maintain data confidentiality and not use data from articles they review for their own interests.